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IT Specialist (sysadmin)



United States · California, USA
Posted on Friday, May 24, 2024
This role is with Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR). WayUp is partnering with Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) to hire top talent.

Incumbent will perform duties as an IT Specialist Systems Administrator for the China Lake Ranges.

This includes work that involves applying analytical processes to the planning, design, and implementation of new and improved information systems. Perform as a system administrator, as defined by the NIST SP 800-181 National Cyberskills Workforce Framework.

Responsible for setting up and maintaining a system or specific components of a system, for example, installing, configuring, patching, and updating hardware and software; establishing and managing user accounts; overseeing or conducting backup and recovery tasks; implementing operational and technical security controls; and adhering to China Lake Ranges security policies and procedures. Work with Windows and Linux variant operating systems. Responsible for creating, maintaining, and updating Operating System Security Technical Implementation Guides (STIG) per the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) and play a critical role in ensuring systems comply with security standards and regulations. The following specific tasks are performed:

  • Perform needs analyses to define opportunities for new or improved business process solutions
  • Consult with Range teams to identify and specify requirements for new or enhanced systems.
  • Develop overall functional and systems requirements and specifications
  • Ensure the integration of all systems components; e.g., procedures, databases, policies, software, and hardware
  • Ensure the rigorous application of information security/information assurance policies, principles, and practices to the systems analysis process
  • Determine best approaches for implementation within the technical environment.
  • Develop new work methods, standards, and practices designed to significantly improve the safety, quality, reliability, predictability, reusability, and cost performance of applications software systems.
  • Conduct functional and connectivity testing to ensure continuing operability.
  • Develop and document systems administration standard operating procedures.
  • Maintain baseline system security according to Range policies.
  • Manage accounts, network rights, and access to systems and equipment.
  • Provide ongoing optimization and problem-solving support.
  • Install, update, and troubleshoot systems/servers. Perform patching, as required.
  • Check system hardware availability, functionality, integrity, and efficiency.
  • Conduct periodic system maintenance including cleaning (both physically and electronically), disk checks, routine reboots, data dumps, and testing.
  • Implement and enforce Range network usage policies and procedures.
  • Manage system/server resources including performance, capacity, availability, serviceability, and recoverability.
  • Oversee installation, implementation, configuration, and support of system components.
  • Troubleshoot hardware/software interface and interoperability problems. Work with Range software developers on the testing and integration of government software products.
  • Support configuration management and participate Range change control boards (CCB). Develop and provide input for related systems engineering anagement (SEM) documentation.
  • Collaborate with Range technical teams, leadership, ISSOs, and the Department ISSM. Provide status on assigned tasking. Minimum Salary 59,966 Maximum Salary 113,047