Director of Product Management, Core Services at Docker
San Francisco, CA, US

Docker is looking for an inspirational product leader to help us shape the way applications are built, deployed, and managed in a world run on containers. As the Senior Director of Product Management, you will own and drive the life cycle of new features and products from high level concept design to delivery and end of life. Your team will deliver on key areas of Core Services to the Docker platform, such as Docker Engine, containerd, Kubernetes, Networking and Storage. 

Jump on the whale!

We’re rapidly growing the Docker product platform, ecosystem, and the team, and tackling some of the biggest challenges around – your impact will help operations teams support millions of developers around the world ship code faster and more reliably.  At Docker, you and your engineering team will imagine, design, build a platform that the next generation of software developers will use to change the world. If you have the skills for the next level but haven't been noticed in your current environment, we're ready to take a chance on you . 


  • We subscribe to Good PM, Bad PM.
  • You own the product, the revenue, and the results. No Excuses.
  • OSS excites you and you are passionate to participate in opensource communities
  • You believe in and can articulate succinctly, the customer and their pain. You empathize and internalize deeply the world they live in and the constraints they work through. You live to make their lives easier. 
  • You love talking to engineers and finding amazing solutions that solves for today's problem and optimizes for tomorrow's vision.
  • You work with sales to close deals; you love making it easy for everyone to buy and try your product online and you love answering their questions.
  • Marketing loves your slides and positioning statements; you love their ability to make it look and sound amazing in all forums and take it to a wide audience.
  • Support teams call you first when something is wrong and know you will not leave them in a lurch with a customer.
  • Your PMs look to you for career planning, mentorship, and best practices in writing their PRDs.

Position Requirements

  • You've spent time working in containers, building container images, or developing cloud native applications
  • You have managed multiple individual Product Managers and mentored them to develop their talents to make them shine
  • You've had a fantastic career shipping enterprise products...your customers love you and know you by first name
  • You can break down complex technical problems into small, release-able, user valuable features.
  • You can describe complex issues clearly and succinctly to someone who doesn't have a Computer Science degree.
  • You played team sports, not just watched them online. You lead your team by example.
  • Know the difference between pets and cattle and which tools manage them.
  • English proficiency preferred

What we have to offer

  • We have a customer base you'll love because everyone has a favorite company that uses Docker
  • People who are torn between going home and going on a burrito run, or sometimes just a run.
  • Free food of all kind (healthy and not), drinks and beers
  • an awesomely smart group of people who are professionals at what they do and have fun doing it.
  • Mentorship for our next leaders who have an active learning mindset.

Docker is the leader in the containerization market, combining an enterprise-grade container platform with world-class services to give developers and IT alike the freedom to build, manage and secure applications without the fear of technology or infrastructure lock-in. Today’s organizations are under pressure to digitally transform their business but are constrained by a diverse portfolio of applications, clouds and premises-based infrastructures. Docker unlocks the potential of every organization with a container platform that brings traditional applications and microservices built on Window, Linux and mainframe into an automated and secure supply chain, advancing dev to ops collaboration. As a result, organizations report a 300 percent improvement in time to market, while reducing operational costs by 50 percent. Inspired by open source innovation and a rich ecosystem of technology and go-to-market partners, Docker’s container platform and services are used by millions of developers and more than 550 Global 10K commercial customers including ADP, GE, MetLife, PayPal and Societe Generale.